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Supplementary notice on corona measures:

The effect of the coronavirus in Tattooland

Because of the effect of the coronavirus (COVID-19) on production capacity, deliveries and supplies from various manufacturers and suppliers worldwide. It may happen that piece prices are increased, delivery times are adjusted or that there is a maximum number when ordering in our webshop. As a supplier of these products, we are forced to make the changes. However, we will continue to strive for a fair price and delivery for all our customers, and appreciate your understanding.


In regards to the developments concerning the corona virus (COVID-19) in the Netherlands and the decisions of the government to minimize contact with each other, we at Tattooland are forced to take measures to protect our employees and customers.

Here at Tattooland, hygiene and safety are our priority. We find it important that our employees take the necessary measures by regularly washing their hands and keeping a meter distance from each other. Despite the situation, we still want to provide a good service to our clients. We have taken measures keeping the circumstances and advice in mind.

What does this mean for Tattooland and its clients?
We follow the guidelines set by the RIVM (Dutch authority) by doing so we try to ensure safety for both our customers and employees.This is why we are forced to close our pick-up location and showroom at Tattooland in Ter Aar, the Netherlands until further notice.

Can I continue to order?
Definitely! Our webshop will continue business as usual. We will process and ship the orders as you are used to. Our customer service is also available by phone and e-mail for all of your questions.

What does this mean for the delivery of the packages?
First of all, the virus cannot be transmitted by mail or parcels. We depend on the services of external postal and parcel deliverers for delivery. To date, no decision has been made to change the delivery of parcels. 
When you expect a delivery from us the deliverer may take extra precautions to prevent contamination, please take that in to account and understand that this is for their and your benefit.

Delivery in the Netherlands and Belgium
In order to protect the deliverers, we have opted for contactless delivery. There will be no physical contact between deliverer and recipient.We have received notification from PostNL that the deliverer himself will sign the parcel for receipt. The deliverer will ask you for the last 3 digits of your indentification number and will write this down in the signature field. Inform your colleagues about this so that no one will be surprised when the parcel is delivered. This measure is valid in the Netherlands.

Prudence and care
We at Tattooland are committed to all our customers. And wish everyone a lot of strength in this turbulent situation. Take good care of each other, your customers, colleagues, employees and family. For the time being, the situation remains as described above. Should we be forced to make changes in response to new advice from the government or the RIVM, we will of course inform you immediately.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
Our team is of course at your service! 

Kind regards, Team Tattooland