Carbon Black Tattoo Ink - #03 Sumi

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Every tattoo artist has their own way of working, from adjusting their machines to applying different shades of black.
One of the hardest challenges for an ink brand is creating a line of black shades that can be used by all artist.
Carbon Black is a brand of tattoo ink that invested years of extensive research and development to take on that challenge.

The Carbon Black ink line consists of 13 shades of black: 8 Sumi inks, 3 liners and 2 fillers

All Carbon Black tattoo inks comply with REACH and EU guidelines.

This is what each shade is best used for:

Sumi #01 (10%) is a light greywash for silky shades
Sumi #02 (20%) is a faint greywash for soft realistic shades
Sumi #03 (30%) is an all-round light greywash
Sumi #04 (40%) is a greywash best for transistions
Sumi #05 (50%) is a medium greywash for realistic tattoos
Sumi #06 (60%) is an all-round medium greywash
Sumi #07 (70%) is a medium greywash for bolder shades
Sumi #08 (80%) is a dark greywash for transistions into black
Liner #09 (90%) is used for fine lines
Liner #10            is used for bold line work
Liner #11            is used for darker line work or filling
Filler #12            is a thick & juicy, pasty black used for filling
Filler #13            is a fluid & smooth, liquid black used for filling