About Us

Tattooland cares

Tattooland is the trusted supplier for many tattoo shops and professional tattoo artists. In the webshop or app, customers can choose from more than 4,000 products, such as tattoo machines, ink, needles and cartridges, grips, studio equipment, hygiene and aftercare products. With this, Tattooland unburdens tattoo artists with a complete and partly sustainable product range so they can fully focus on their artistic challenges.

Excellent Trustpilot reviews

All major and well-known brands are available from stock, and products are delivered at good and fair prices from the modern warehouse and office location in Alphen aan den Rijn, which also houses a beautiful showroom. Together with the enthusiastic and skilled staff, Tattooland makes the difference. Each and every day. And that Tattooland makes a difference is evident from the very high Trustpilot rating: more than 2,500 customers rate Tattooland with 4.8 out of 5.


But it's not only in the Netherlands that Tattooland is on the rise. Foreign shops and tattoo artists have also discovered Tattooland. Meanwhile, the success formula has also been rolled out to Belgium, France and Germany. And there, too, only satisfied customers who give excellent reviews.

Own brands

Tattooland not only carries well-known brands such as FK Irons, Bishop, Injecta, Cheyenne, World Famous Limitless, Viking Ink, Eternal and I AM INK. Besides these major brands, Tattooland has also successfully introduced its own brands such as Crystal, a line of cartridges, grips, tips and tapes and studio equipment from Professional. In addition, Tattooland has developed the "Legends" tattoo cartridge line in collaboration with various artists, which is unique in terms of price, quality, stability, and sustainability.


Take a look at our modern warehouse and office location in Alphen aan den Rijn. Fly through the office, showroom, and warehouse using our drone. We wish you a pleasant flight.