Darklab - Refuel Charging Dock for PowerBolts

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The Darklab Refuel Charging Dock is an indispensable asset for tattoo artists seeking to boost their studio's efficiency. Capable of charging two PowerBolt battery packs simultaneously, it streamlines the workspace by reducing the need for multiple cables. This dock features an LED indicator that switches from red to green to signal a complete charge, offering a straightforward and convenient way to monitor charging status. Impressively, it can fully recharge a PowerBolt battery in just 2-3 hours.

A distinctive feature of the Refuel Charging Dock is its magnetic base, which ensures stability on metal surfaces, preventing slippage during use.

Designed for seamless compatibility with the entire Powerbolt series, including PB, PB+, PBII, and PBII+, this dock is a versatile and essential tool for artists using Darklab products.

Key Features:

Universally compatible with all FK Irons / Darklab PowerBolt battery packs
LED charge indicator shifts from red during charging to green when fully charged
Dual charging capability allows the charging of two PowerBolts simultaneously
Quick charging feature achieves a full recharge in 2-3 hours
Magnetic base provides a stable, non-slip surface on metal surfaces

Included with this product is a USB-A to USB-C charging cable and a USB adapter from Darklab. Additionally, when ordering from Tattooland, a USB adapter compatible with EU outlets is included for free.