Thermal Stencil Printer

The Thermal A4 stencil Printer is a perfect device for artists who design their tattoo on paper. This edition is equipped with additional safety features for the new electronics and software. Within seconds, the printer will put the design as sharp as possible on stencil paper. Save time and money with the purchase of this high quality Stencil Printer in your studio. No complicated start-up procedures or settings, start the printer and it will be immediately ready for beautiful stencil transfers of your designs. This product has a CE-certificate and is delivered with warranty.

Read more technical and security information about the Thermal A4 Stencil Printer below and watch one of the 'How To' videos.

Excl. Tax: €875.00 Incl. tax: €1,058.75

Regular use of the Thermal A4 Stencil printer requires periodic cleaning of the thermo-roll. This will help you maintain the optimum performance of the device.

If the printer thermostat overheats, the machine will deactivate. A powerful fan inside the machine will cool the machine to a safe temperature before you can use it again.


The machine is equipped with software that keeps track of errors and records them on a memory chip. If there are too many reports, the machine will switch itself off out of safety and must be sent for inspection and repair. If the machine is shutt down incorrectly with the power button on the back during a cooling session, it will be registered as an Error on the chip. It is important that the machine is used according to the instructions to avoid any unnecessary recorded errors.

This product is supplied without Stencil paper. See all our Stencil paper here.

Do you prefer to work with digital designs? Check out our USB connected Stencils Printers from Brother.


Paper size: AA
Stencil Paper not included
Fliptop cover
2 LED lights
Automatic overheating de-activation
Automatic cooling system
Including warranty
CE Certificate

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